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Nemasa is an accomplished author seeking to get her work noticed.  She has authored three autobiographies and  7 memoirs.  Nemasa published  a Peer Mental Health Recovery Story from the perspective of a Peer Support Specialist in 2013. She is a blogger on Black In America dot com and also Word Press the themes focus living healthy with a mental illness in all circumstances including homelessness.  She talks candidly  about her battle with Mental Health Challenges so others can learn from her life experiences and better their condition in the process.  All her titles are available seen on here for purchase on  and Barnes and Noble by pre-order.  Please check out her work and let her know how her life experiences have helped you to understand mental health better and the struggles you faced and conquered.  Her life has evolved transformed into positive outcomes in the midst of struggles and man plotted derailments. Today,  in year 2018 Nemasa can reflect on the hurdles her outcomes for good and all her victories.   These victories testify to the fact that God has brought her through the rough rocky roads in life's journey.  She knows her testimony and sharing will be a blessing to you and others as well Feel free to re-share and stop by her pages again when you desire knowledge on trends in mental health






 29, 2016


My Title My Battle With Mental Illness Personified: Rejected, Ignored & Thrown Away Volume I & II Available on Amazon

In Nemasa's own words: 



I talked candidly about my struggle to stay medicated and well while living with my chronic mental health challenges.  This is my original title before I added to it.  I started off with a manuscript of 36 pages in 2008 and I expanded it in 2009 and 2010.  My latest version, Volume II is an outcry for help for the mentally challenged that are battling an illness that is un-diagnosed or untreated as a result its a detriment to society like some of the recent killings and maiming in America. My other title is: My Battle With Mental Illness: Weathering The Storms of Life its secular and raw.... and its more an expansion of what I discuss of my battle with a twist on some untouched issues in the original work. It also is about my struggle to get my relationship right with the Lord!







Another of Nemasa's titles in her own words: Seeds of Hope Living With Mental Challenges and Surviving is my latest and best work yet because it mirrors the Recovery Model which is quite different from the Medical Model.  I hope that you will take the time to review it and if you have any questions I can be reached at 469-510-1358


My Latest Titles Since 2014 to Present all interrelated to Peer Mental Health Recovery

A Tribute Story to my now deceased adopted dad since November 22, 2017 published and produced in 2014 before his birthday party I hosted on June 7, 2014 and picture image that meets God's approval was added shortly after the birthday party. I hope this title blesses all of you. He was a patient dad who helped me through the rough points of coping with my mental illness as a Father even up until age 96, last year he died of lung cancer.


Learning to Deal with Abuse and Neglect in Private Sector Mental Health Facilities in Louisiana was a challenge but I survived and I am victory!

My Expressions of Rage and Victory in the midst of learning new coping skills with people in mental health in every area who work with a mental illness but neglect their own treatment is very prevalent in Louisiana state wide and spreading to Texas. In my view from experiential learning experience those who serve mental illness is rooted in criminal insanity and Forensic Psychiatry...many slip through the cracks because of their networking system that  has gotten them in key administrative roles and  cause derailment in our social welfare systems particularly Louisiana and also in Texas one who has deceived many with his wolf nature in sheep clothing is Judge Calvin Johnson out of New Orleans, Louisiana who previously provided me a voice sharing my experiences then later strategically plotted to rip my life asunder with other mental health care staff that are sociopaths and psychopaths. This has taught me a valuable experience which is to beware of who I place my trust in and to share less is best and I think that others should follow my lead. 

Fighting for Survival With Man Created Homelessness Money But no Available Payee to Handle My Social Security Disability Benefits! I was homeless almost an entire year and living on the streets about a month. That is very sad and sadistic and I did reach out to those who used me as a spokesperson in the State of Louisiana  a Bunch of loosers and users!

After being driven out of the Ciarra Apartments owned and operated by Catholic Charities of New Orleans for resisting a roommate from hell with a  deceitful personality and an untreated mental illness not capable of benefiting from an independent living program expecting others to spend their money on her and clean and cook for her because she was the oldest and not mindful or considerate that I did my daily routine with arthritis and  a handicapped right knee, history of blood clots and cardiovascular challenges and a peer recovery model treated mental illness. I rose above my challenges was homeless a month then  moved to Houston, Texas in July on the 9th in 2016! 

While in Houston, Texas I slipped in a fun title on growing natural hair of African American culture and how God inspired me to share my experiences as well as drawing upon my mental illness and coping skills I used then and now!


This Final Title was uploaded last year and was one of three published I hope you gain insight from it.


Mental Illness Untreated is The Leading Cause to Uncontrollable Social Issues in America


Reporting Issues to Authorities Does not Always Alter Social Trends in Violence Due to Mental Illness But they are trying in Dallas, Texas ..Laws Need Re-Writing meaning a Supreme Court Ruling to Alter the Negative Trends in Society within America